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jimmy2blazer 02-28-2007 01:06 AM

to buy or not to buy?
i was gonna offer him 350 for this set up. he was asking 400 or less. what do you think??
Alright, here goes:
P312D4...they are last years model
4 ohms, 12"
2 channels, 600 watts
The wiring is a Rockford Fosgate wiring kit, not a cheap walmart knockoff, or so I'm about 90% sure. The box is in perfect shape as far as I can tell. The only problem with the subs is that the paint on the outer covering is a little chipped. And yeah, they are punches.

this is off topic, but my temperature gauge has stopped working and its throwing up the check engine light. i went and got it looked at and they said the problem was the temperature sending unit and they fixed. well it worked fine until i drove home (40 miles) and now its doing the same nonsense again. every now and then though the gauge will start working again out of no where. i took it back and they tried to tell me they are going to have to dig deeper to fix the problem. ive heard AFTER going that this place is kinda iffy, especially with college kids. any suggestions ??

wiz kidd 02-28-2007 10:16 AM

RE: to buy or not to buy?
coolant temp sensor by the sounds of it...change the t-stat too :)
that doesn't sound like too bad of a deal for these subs, i'm always iffy on buying subs and amps used, because no warranty and i just wouldn't want to take the chance of them blowing a week afteri have them in the car...i always go new when it comes to this stuff...

but it does save you a lot of money when you go used though

jimmy2blazer 02-28-2007 04:20 PM

RE: to buy or not to buy?
i did a little looking around and it sounds like my temperature gauge problem is pretty common. hopefully i can get that checked out at a trustworthy garage. thanks for the input on the subs.

Monte_04 02-28-2007 07:35 PM

RE: to buy or not to buy?
Ya i dont like buying from sombody other them a close friend cause i know what the system went through, just make sure the amp doesnt smell like its burnt.

setshot50 03-02-2007 11:50 PM

RE: to buy or not to buy?
For the $350 you're looking to offer, is the only thing you're getting is two subs and an amp? If so, I may be able to price you a better sounding (IMHO) brand new setup.

jimmy2blazer 03-17-2007 01:29 PM

RE: to buy or not to buy?
i went ahead and bought these for $300. subs in box and amp and a bunch of wiring. im getting everything installed tuesday along with my cd player.

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